Painted Nativity Scene at Tennessee McDonald’s Gains National Attention

Though nothing new to the store’s franchise owners, an image goes viral on social media
McDonald's Christmas

Flickr / Jay Malone / CC BY 4.0

Franchise co-owners Gina and Tony Wolfe have been featuring the Nativity scene at their storefront for many Christmases past.

No ‘war on Christmas’ here. A McDonald’s unit in Spring Hill, Tennessee, has a large Nativity scene painted on its windows, with the words “His name is Jesus,” and “Rejoice” framing the scene.  Religious blogger Amy Basel drove by this particular McDonald’s and decided to share a photo on Facebook. Basel writes, “Drove by and did a double-take. Growing up in the mitten, you would NEVER see this. Tennessee McDonald' made my day. ‘His name is Jesus.’” Posted only four days ago, the Facebook post has gained over 100,000 likes and 70,000 shares. Fox News notes that ‘mitten’ is a nickname for Michigan.

The co-owner of the McDonald’s store, Gina Wolfe, tells Fox 17, “It's a family business which has been owned and operated by my family for 40 years. My dad started this 40 years ago when he had a local art student paint it on his store. My husband and I have been owners for 28 years and we've done this or something similar during Christmas each year. I guess with social media, it's taken off.”

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The response from residents towards the Nativity scene has been overwhelmingly positive. One customer comments on how the Wolfes maintain their tradition without fear of embracing the Christian aspect of the holiday season. Another customer says, “I totally support what they do and that’s why I keep coming back.”