Outback ‘Raises the Steaks’ With New Towering Menu Items

Why serve food flat on a plate when you can stack it?

Offerings include a towering beer-battered onion ring filet and a towering grilled shrimp on the barbie filet.

Outback has added three new, towering items to its menu: two steak dinner entrées and a dessert.

The towering beer-battered onion ring filet stacks crunchy onion rings on top of a seared filet and a crispy hash brown cake, Chew Boom detailed.

The towering grilled shrimp on the barbie filet features the same seared filet and crispy hash brown cake, but is topped with a skewer of grilled shrimp.

As an alternative, diners can order the steak dinners with center-cut sirloin instead. Prices start at $15.99 and vary depending on location.

For dessert, Outback has a new “huge chocolate cake,” made with six layers of chocolate cake and served with raspberry sauce.

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