Oreo Releases Candy Bar That’s Tastier Than the Original Cookie

Oreo releases its first two candy bars, a crunch bar and a chocolate candy bar, in collaboration with a European chocolate brand

Oreo can now be found in the chocolate aisle for the first time.

Oreo may be America’s favorite cookie but can it become America’s favorite candy bar, too? Mondolez International, Oreo’s parent company, is releasing two Oreo candy bars in America for the first time featuring Oreo cookie bits and crème wrapped in Milka milk chocolate, a popular European chocolate brand.

The two varieties, which have already been available in select European markets, are the Milka Oreo big crunch chocolate candy bar featuring a layer of crunchy Oreo cookie between two layers of crème, coated in milk chocolate, available only in a “shareable” 10.5-ounce tablet. The second candy bar is The Milka Oreo chocolate candy bar featuring Oreo bits mixed in with layers of crème, wrapped in the Milka chocolate, available in three smaller sizes. Oreo is also releasing a Milka Oreo choco-mix snack mix bag featuring mini cookies and candy-coated chocolate pieces.

The Oreo candy bars are arguably tastier than the original Oreo cookie. The European-style milk chocolate, made with a higher cocoa content than American milk chocolate, provides a creamy, fudgier counterpart to the crunchy Oreo middle.


We preferred the crunch candy bar over the smaller chocolate candy bar because the crème ratio in the smaller milk chocolate bar was off-balance. Both bars, however, would make delicious stocking stuffers. They hit stores this week.