Order Up, College Students: Johnny Rockets Might Be Coming to Your Campus

The diner-style chain wants to reach out to millennials
Johnny Rockets on Your Campus

Photo Modified: Flickr/Rennett Stowe/CC 4.0

Johnny Rockets is looking to add more quick-service restaurants to college campuses.

Johnny Rockets announced on July 20 that they have plans to expand quick-service locations to college campuses, according to a press release.

Johnny Rockets Express currently has locations at Oklahoma State University, Stetson University in Florida, and Richard Stockton College in New Jersey. Unlike full-service Johnny Rockets, these restaurants are grab-and-go. But all restaurants offer classic American foods like premium burgers, French fries, and milkshakes.

James Walker, president of operations and franchise development at Johnny Rockets, said in a statement that there has been an increased interest in the chain restaurant among college students. “To meet this growing consumer demand, we are targeting more campuses with our new Johnny Rockets Express prototype as a foodservice option for students and faculty,” he explained. “The menu options and flexible footprint ideally fit these venues,” Walker said.


There is no word yet on where or when these new locations are opening, but the franchise will attend the National Association of College and University Food Services Conference to explore their options.