Oops, That Headline-Making, Anti-Gay Pizza Shop Just Unknowingly Catered This Gay Couple’s Wedding

Memories Pizza, the Indiana pizza shop that famously refused to cater gay weddings, accidentally did just that

Robin Trevino of Chicago drove to Indiana just to make sure that his gay wedding was catered by Memories Pizza, an anti-gay pizza shop.

Memories Pizza — the Indiana pizza shop that made headlines earlier this year when it announced, to polarizing results, that it would never cater a gay weddingunknowingly catered a gay wedding, newlywed Robin Trevino has revealed.

In April, shortly after Indiana passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act — allowing individuals and organizations to refuse to conduct business that interferes with their religious beliefs — Memories Pizza announced that it would not cater gay weddings. “If a gay couple came in and wanted us to provide pizzas for their wedding, we would have to say no,” co-owner Crystal O'Connor told ABC at the time.

Backlash from the pizzeria’s announcement subsequently forced the shop out of business, only for a crowdfunding campaign to resurrect the business, with $844,527 in support.

That chain of events leads us to the shop’s current dilemma, which is that it has officially catered the wedding of Robin Trevino of GayCo Productions, “the leading LGBT source of comedy in Chicago,” and his husband.

To pull off the stunt, which GayCo put on camera for good measure, Trevino simply called and ordered a few pizzas. After his wedding, held onstage in a Chicago theater, Trevino and his guests enjoyed a lovely pizza dinner, courtesy of Memories. In the video, a number of guests take a moment to tell the pizzeria that unfortunately, they have just catered their first gay wedding (that we know of).