One Lone Burger King Is Taking on McDonald’s by Introducing Its Own All-Day Breakfast

A Burger King in New Jersey is rebelling against the status-quo by offering all-day breakfast to compete with McDonald’s

No need to wake up early for breakfast at this Burger King.

That’s one Whopper of a rebellion. McDonald’s caused an uproar when it announced the arrival of all-day breakfast, leaving Burger King’s first meal options in the dust.But a Garwood, New Jersey Burger King is going against their parent corporation’s official policies by offering breakfast all day. The rogue Burger King’s new menu offering is likely tied to the fact that it sits across the street from a McDonald’s.

The fast food restaurant currently serves a limited breakfast menu, according to CNBC, including a Croissan’wich, egg/English muffin sandwich, French toast sticks, oatmeal, cinnamon rolls, hash browns, and an all-inclusive breakfast platter. The breakfast platter is definitely not something that McDonald’s is offering on their all-day breakfast menu.

We already know that the McDonald’s around the clock breakfast has been popular with customers but hasn’t resonated with employees, who say that the new addition is a “nightmare” to work with.


The Daily Meal has contacted Burger King for a response.