Olive Garden’s New Kids’ Mascots Are Cross-Eyed and Named After Ingredients

Olive Garden has implemented new mascots — an olive, tomato, ravioli, grape, and breadstick — with crazed expressions

Olive Garden 

When Olive Garden wants to appeal to adults, they offer breadstick sandwiches, but when they want to increase their cool factor with kids, they bring in mascots. Introducing the rebranded Olive Garden kids’ mascots: Ollie the Olive, Gina Grape, Bene Breadsticks, Tonya Tomato, and Ricky Ravoli.

Ollie, who is the leader of the bunch, “leads his friends on wacky adventures, keeps things fun by making others laugh (even if it's at him!), and is the first to help a friend in need.”This cast of characters will appear on kids’ menus and coloring pages at Olive Gardens across the country, but some people are finding Ollie and company a little, well, creepy, with their “manic, cross-eyed expressions,” as Brand Eating puts it.


Here’s what Twitter had to say about these colorful new mascots.