OddFellows Ice Cream Co. and Mission Chinese Create the Ube OddPocket

And we kind of really need this right now
ube ice cream sandwich

OddFellows Ice Cream Co.

Ice cream sandwich features ube ice cream, shiso granola, and coconut dulce de leche.

Sam Mason, ice cream wizard of OddFellows Ice Cream Co., and Danny Bowien, chef and cofounder of Mission Chinese Food, have teamed up to create an epic ice cream sandwich that is only available while supplies last at OddFellow’s locations.

The ‘Ube Oddpocket,’ as it is called in an OddFellow’s Instagram post, features ube ice cream, shiso granola, and coconut dulce de leche. Grub Street breaks down each component of the sandwich:

“A scoop of ube ice cream is placed in the center of a split brioche roll from Neri’s in Port Chester, then sealed in a device that looks like a cross between a panini press and a waffle iron.

Coconut dulce de leche, made from equal parts evaporated, condensed, and coconut milks, is drizzled over the bun.

Ube is the Tagalog name for a variety of purple-fleshed tuber; Mason roasts and purées them, adds sweeteners and milk powder, and turns them into a rich and nutty ice cream.

Micro-shiso makes a nice garnish.

Mason infuses canola oil with shiso to flavor his oat-honey-and-sesame granola.”

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