Obama’s Presidential Library Will Have Barbecues, Taco Trucks, and More

Barack Obama unveiled the plans for his presidential library, which will act as a community center for Chicago’s citizens

Less like a stuffy library and more like a fun resource for Chicagoans.

When you think of presidential libraries, you probably picture stiff school trips and “please don’t touch” signs all over the place. But former President Barack Obama has just unveiled the plans for the 44th presidential library in his hometown of Chicago, and it looks like a genuinely fun time. Chicago residents will be able to take advantage of the library as a community center, and it will feature spots for barbecuing, as well as roaming taco trucks, sledding hills for children in the winter, and communal gardens for the spring and summer. Learning about political history has never been so delicious!

Former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama unveiled plans for the Obama Presidential Center to a room full of people on the South Side of Chicago on Wednesday. The center will be made up of three buildings — the largest of which (the main library) will tower 180 feet above street level, according to the Chicago Tribune.

“I wanted to be an architect when I was a kid,” Obama joked to a room full of eager Chicago residents and press. “Somehow, I took a wrong turn and ended up in politics instead.”

The taco trucks, he explained, will be lined up in Jackson Park, where barbecue grills will be installed, and people can take advantage of public programs held by community artists. Even celebrities like Spike Lee and Chance the Rapper have expressed interest in putting on workshops.


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