Now You Can Enjoy Healthy Allergen-Free Ice Cream With Wink Frozen Desserts

This plant-based ice cream doesn’t sacrifice taste for health

Wink uses natural flavors to mask the taste of pea protein in its 100-calorie pints. 

Ice cream lovers with food sensitivities face a dilemma in the frozen dessert aisle when non-dairy options are packed with sugar, fat, and artificial flavoring. To avoid this problem, Gabe Wolff, CEO and founder of Wink Frozen Desserts, created a plant-based, sugar free, and allergen-free ice cream that everyone can enjoy.

Wolff was diagnosed with celiac disease and a dairy allergy when he was 17 years old and had to constantly monitor ingredient labels, he told FoodNavigator-USA. He then realized there was a hole in the ice cream market, and he later created Wink.

The non-GMO pea base used in the ice cream is more easily digestible for those who are sensitive to dairy and whey protein, and also eliminates the top eight food allergens, according to Wink’s website.  Vegetable glycerin from palm trees is substituted for common allergens soybean and coconut oils. High-calorie sugar is replaced with organic stevia extract monk fruit extract, which are low glycemic, and organic agave inulin is also added, which benefits healthy bacteria in the large intestine.


Wink’s selection of ice cream includes classic flavors such as vanilla bean and choco-mint, and nontraditional flavors such as caramel candy apple and peanut butter and jelly.