Now We Have Rainbow Burgers, Thanks to This ‘Willy Wonka’-Themed Dinner

Joe’s Bar in New York City is offering a ‘Willy Wonka’-themed rainbow-hued burger for Burger Week with a multicolored bun

Come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination.

First we had rainbow bagels, and then the world was introduced to rainbow grilled cheese. The newest multicolored culinary creation is the rainbow burger.A limited-time offering for Burger Week at Joe’s Bar in New York City, the Technicolor rainbow-colored bun is a Willy Wonka-themed creation created by NY Handmade Breads.

The beef was provided by premium ground-beef supplier Schweid & Sons and the cheeseburger is served with a side of Grandpa Joe’s fries (that is, sloppy joe fries named after the jocular old man from the Willy Wonka books and movies).


And much like the books, a diner that finds a golden lift (that is, a steel device that lifts the burger out of its juices to prevent a soggy dining experience), will win a 20-person open bar at Joe’s. It’s hardly a visit to a magical chocolate factory, but as New Yorkers know, bar tabs can run pretty high.