Now Starbucks Does Sous Vide Too

Starbucks is just the latest chain to add sous-vide-made items to its menu

Is it a cooking secret if everyone — even a major chain — is doing it?

Sous vide — a French cooking technique with vacuum-sealed bags — has caught on to the lower rungs of the culinary ladder. First, chains like Panera started making food sous-vide-style, and now Starbucks has announced sous vide egg bites: mini egg cups that come in an egg white and red pepper flavor and a bacon and Gruyère flavor.

“A foodie delight, even when you're on the go," Starbucks’ description of the new item reads. "We've taken cage-free eggs and prepared them using the French 'sous vide' technique resulting in a velvety texture that's bursting with flavor. We added aged Gruyere and Monterey Jack cheese and topped them with Applewood smoked bacon for a delicious, high protein, convenient breakfast."


The Sous Vide Egg Bites will hit Starbucks stores Jan. 10. Starbucks will also introduce its first gluten-free sandwich this spring.