No, Rat Meat Was Not Served As Boneless Chicken Wings During The Super Bowl

The idea of rat meat masquerading as delicious boneless Buffalo wings makes for a juicy tail, but this rodent rumor doesn't add up. A viral story, published by World News Daily Report, claimed the FDA issued a warning against consuming chicken wings during the Super Bowl because an "estimated 300,000 pounds of rat meat" were being sold as chicken wings.What many social media denizens failed to realize was that World News Daily is a satirical news website.

Thankfully, Snopes came to the rescue and debunked this hoax, much to the relief of Americans who collectively consumed 1.3 billion wings this past Super Bowl Sunday.

The satirical blog contained ridiculous information and fake quotes from an FDA inspector claiming that "rat meat is sold as chicken" all the time. Various blogs picked up on the story and reported it as true without fact-checking.

The absurdity of the claim makes sense. After all, when just one rat is fried and served accidentally at a KFC, it causes an angry uproar. But did you know that a certain rodent species known as cane rats is commonly eaten in Nigeria? The meat is apparently lean and loaded with good cholesterol. Rat meat: It's what's for dinner.