No More Sneaking in Snacks: Regal Cinemas Implements Bag Check Policy

In light of recent security issues and safety threats, Regal Cinemas will now be scanning your bag before you nab a seat

That popcorn probably cost a bundle. 

The universal truth about going to the movies is that theater snack prices are astronomically high. That’s why we usually bring our own goodies, like a simple bag of microwave popcorn or a candy bar.Even though technically you’re supposed to buy your movie goodies in-house, who really wants to spend eight bucks on a bucket of popcorn?

But now that might be harder than ever to achieve. Regal Cinemas is implementing a security policy of bag-checking that will go into effect this year. The new policy was put into place in the wake of recent movie theater shootings that have rocked the nation. The bag inspection procedure is meant to keep us all safe, but they’ll also definitely catch you trying to hide that tray of homemade nachos in your oversized tote bag. 


Although the new policy will definitely keep customers safe while they watch Straight Outta Compton for the third time in a row, customers are understandably concerned about their snacks, and took to Twitter to vent.