No More Gas Fumes: New York Street Carts Will Go Eco-Friendly Soon

In partnership with the New York City Council, MOVE systems is providing the city with 500 free eco-friendly carts
No More Gas Fumes: New York Street Carts Will Go Eco-Friendly Soon
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Here’s a riddle: Is New York really the same city without the overpowering odors of street meat?

Street food carts: whether your personal poison is the dirty water dog, the candied almonds, or a classic plate of Halal food, New York City street food is known for its dubious sanitation and plethora of weird — or even offensive — aromas. But not anymore. First New York announced new health code crackdowns on street carts, and now the city will introduce environmentally friendly, smoke-free street carts.

MOVE systems will provide the city with 500 free green food carts, known as MRV100 Hybrids, which are powered by solar panels, alternative fuel, and rechargeable batteries. Sadly, these quiet, smokeless machines will likely be a far cry from the familiar olfactory assault of regular street carts. The carts will start appearing after Memorial Day this summer.

“What’s the quality of the air I’m breathing? What’s the quality of the food I’m eating? These are the problems we’re trying to solve,” James Meeks, chief executive of MOVE, told The Wall Street Journal. “I hope there will be an opportunity for even more culinary options than exist today.”


The costs of the carts will be covered by private donations, so this change will not even affect taxpayers.  Meeks also explained that 100 of the carts will be reserved for disabled armed forces veterans.