The New Restaurant in the Four Seasons Space Will Have ‘Masculine’ and ‘Feminine’ Rooms

The revamped iconic Four Seasons restaurant will be reopened by the Carbone restaurant group with a few major tweaks

Masculine and feminine rooms and a totally new vision for the iconic pool room? The new Four Seasons space will surprise us.

One of the biggest, nerve-racking New York restaurant headlines of the past year was the sale of the landmark Four Seasons restaurant to the Carbone and Torrisi Major Food restaurant group. The same guys that brought you the ubiquitous Parm will now be opening a new restaurant in the space when the Four Seasons folks move out (and open a new location) in July.The new restaurant in the landmarked space will open by the end of the year and feature a little bit of the old and a little bit of the new, according to an interview with The New York Times.

Most notably are the changes coming to the iconic Grill Room — the site of famous power lunches over the decades — and the aesthetically beautiful Pool Room. Here’s what Mario Carbone had to say about that:

“Mr. Carbone and his two partners… want the tone of the room to be masculine, meat-embracing and signified by the brisk confidence of the Kennedy years. Mr. Zalaznick described it as “a true American grill.”…A few steps away in the Pool Room, however, Mr. Torrisi will oversee a different vision: a shrine to newness. He said the room would have a more feminine feel, a menu revolving around vegetables and seafood, and service that would not shrink from tableside extravagance.”


This gendered description, naturally, has not exactly sat well with culinary insiders: