New Orleans Is Getting A Fancy Waffle House With An Outdoor Bistro

That lovely new bistro that just opened up on Canal Street? Oh, it's just a Waffle House. The casual Southern restaurant chain, known by some as the poor man's IHOP, is set to open up their most upscale location yet in New Orleans. According to The Times-Picayune, the restaurant will include a 420-square-foot courtyard where guests can enjoy their syrup-drenched waffle and pancake stacks in a quaint, bistro-like setting.

The restaurant will also have a unique brick fa├žade, and has been described by Bob Pence, a real estate representative of Waffle House's main office in Atlanta, as "probably the fanciest Waffle House you'll ever see. We tried to make it a little New Orleans-ish."

The Board of Zoning Adjustments has approved the project, and it will likely open in 2016. The grilled cheese chain Melt will also be opening in the neighborhood later this year.

"Thank you for your cooperation, and I'll be waiting for some waffles," BZA member Todd James said after the vote.