New Magical Millennial Tic Tacs Change Flavor in Your Mouth

Tic Tacs are mixing it up for the tech-savvy, multitasking generation with Tic Tac Mixers
New Magical Millennial Tic Tacs Change Flavor in Your Mouth
Tic Tac

Tic Tacs have come to the conclusion that most 20-somethings are bored with plain old peppermint.

Tic Tac has undergone a major brand design. You may be wondering why America’s classic 1.5-calorie breath mint would want to change. After all, you would think the many flavors, both classic (peppermint and cinnamon) and unusual (berry and lime), would be enough. But Tic Tacs are looking to appeal to millennials, and these youngsters simply will not stand for regular old breath fresheners. The newest Tic Tac variety, called the Tic Tac Mixer, is a veritable Willy Wonka of minty candy capsules, changing flavors right before your very taste buds!

No longer will one simply pop a mint into one’s mouth before a date or a presentation. Now, Tic Tac is a “flavor changing experience,” magically melting from peach to lemonade, from cherry to cola, and from mango to mojito. This is a clear slap in the face to those of us who remain “mint munchers,” preferring to chew, rather than suck on Tic Tacs. But why millennials? Why should we be the inspiration for such a bold brand facelift? According to Tic Tac, these tiny mints aren’t just fun to consume, they also provide “emotional rescue.”

“It’s all about people wanting the product to entertain them,” Todd Midura, marketing director of Tic Tac, told Bloomberg. “Younger people are really looking for a product to do that.”

Well, until Apple teams up with Tic Tac and produces a 16 GB SmartMint, frankly, these fall short on millennial entertainment value. 

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