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New Lawsuit Threatens Four Seasons Relocation

Two business partners demand compensation for being left out of dealings related to new location

A new lawsuit by two Four Seasons business partners threatens Four Seasons owners Julian Niccolini and Alex von Bidder’s plans for relocation.

Plaintiffs Kenneth Walker, a designer, and investor Lawrence Graev claim they “signed a licensing and royalty agreement” with von Bidder and Niccolini in 2012, giving them an 18 percent interest in Four Trees Global, Page Six reported.

Walker and Graev allege that Niccolini and von Bidder “went behind their backs” when signing the lease for 280 Park Ave. without consulting them, the NY Daily News detailed. When they asked von Bidder about their role for the new location, he allegedly said, “None.”

Since Four Trees Global owns the Four Seasons name and logo, Walker and Graev are asking the court to deny von Bidder and Niccolini the use of the name Four Seasons unless they pay royalties to Four Trees, as well as compensatory damages.

David Boies, the lawyer representing the Four Seasons’ original owners, said, “They put in no money. They contributed no effort. And they don't have any rights.”

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