New Jersey Restaurant Workers Thought They Hit Powerball Jackpot, Receive Rude Awakening Instead

One ticket matched the winning numbers… of a previous drawing

For those still in mourning over not winning yesterday’s Powerball drawing, the story of a group of New Jersey restaurant workers who thought they hit the jackpot might make your own pain a little easier to bear.

Workers at Grissini’s Restaurant in Englewood Cliffs purchased 105 tickets in an office pool for Saturday night’s $900 million drawing, according to NBC New York. Pandemonium ensued when one of the tickets matched a set of numbers which bartender Charles Poveromo read aloud. Unfortunately, these ‘winning’ numbers were for the previous jackpot drawing, on Wednesday night.

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Poveromo received these numbers from a friend, taken from the Powerball website which was not yet updated at that point. Poveromo says, “You can imagine what everybody felt like. It was pretty sad, pretty tough.” The tickets were purchased by valet driver, Diego Moreno. Some number combinations were given to him, while others were randomized. Moreno is unsure if someone gave him Wednesday night’s numbers to play after the fact.