New Jersey Is Getting Its First Cat Café

Cat lovers in New Jersey, rejoice: You no longer have to travel to Manhattan to get your cat and coffee fix. Within the next few months, New Jersey's first cat café, Catsbury Park, is expected to open in Asbury Park.

Similar to other cat café concepts, Catsbury Park will be divided into two rooms, one with cats and one without, to comply with heath code regulations that prohibit preparing and serving food in the same room as animals, reported; however, guests will be able to bring café items into the cat room if they want to.

In terms of operations, the café will function as a for-profit enterprise, while the adoption service will run as a nonprofit.

"The café will help fund our cat rescue and adoption and run like a stand-alone business; it won't be an afterthought," D.J. Bornschein, founder of Catsbury Park, told The Coaster. "We'll take pride in offering high-end teas for every season, like fruitier during the summer and more robust in the winter, and snacks spotlighting the best of our area. You don't have to hang with our cats to have some tea or avocado toast."

The café, located at 708 Cookman Avenue, initially set out to open its doors by Memorial Day, but Bornschein said it will likely miss the deadline due to ironing out the finer details of health code compliance.