New Honey Maid Go Bites Taste Just Like The Koala Yummies You Loved As A Kid

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Honey Maid, the company behind the Teddy Grahams and graham crackers you grew up with, has just debuted Honey Maid Go Bites, which we got to try out this morning. Each "bite" is a crispy graham cracker "pocket" filled with either chocolate or vanilla, and one serving contains five grams of protein and seven grams of whole grains.

Lo and behold, we discovered that the Go Bites also taste just like another beloved childhood snack: Lotte's Koala Yummies. If those words alone don't conjure up the image of little tiny koala crackers, here's a reminder of what they look like. Outside of the United States, these crackers are known as Koalas March, and, as promised, feature "cute koalas doing a variety of different activities" on delicious, chocolate-filled cookie pockets.

In recent years, Koala Yummies have been a little difficult to track down if you don't live near an Asian grocery store, which is why these Honey Maid Go Bites are so important — perhaps more than they realize — to lovers of the classic '90s koala snack. If you have to sneak a pack or two from your little ones or even your kid brother, so be it.