New Gastronomical Virtual Reality Experience Allows You to Eat Whatever You Want

Project Nourished simulates the sensations associated with eating, including taste, smell, and touch
Project Nourished

Project Nourished

Technology allows people to eat without caloric, allergy, or other health-related concerns.

What if you could whatever you wanted, with no consequence?

Project Nourished is a gastronomical virtual reality experience that simulates the different sensations associated with eating, such as taste, smell, and touch. It utilizes an aromatic diffuser to “dissipate the smell of various foods using ultrasonic and heat.” A virtual reality headset “provides visual simulation of environment and alters the aesthetics of food.”

Even chewing sounds are part of the Project Nourished eating experience. A bone conduction transducer is said to mimic the chewing sounds that are normally transmitted from the diner’s mouth to the ear drums via soft tissue and bones. A gyroscopic utensil translates the diner’s physical movement into virtual reality, and a virtual cocktail glass features built-in sensors and creates simulated intoxication.

Lastly, the food. 3-D printed food “serves as a vehicle for articulating taste, texture and consistency.” It has emulsifiable and low caloric properties.

Stated applications for this technology include weight loss, allergy and diabetic management, eating therapy, elder and disability care, kids eating habituation, remote dining, alternate reality dining, and space food.

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