New Food App 'Dysh' Turns Your #FoodPorn Into Ratings

New food app, Dysh, wants to 'redefine food culture.' Through the app, users can share photos what they are eating, rate dishes, and see what friends and other users are eating and drinking.

The Los Angeles Times describes Dysh as "a mashup of Yelp, Facebook, and Instagram."

"We have built a social utility app that goes beyond just showing the image and transforms it into content for a personalized food and drink recommendation engine," Dysh founder and chief executive Ashley King said in a statement. "Our platform allows users to browse beautiful food photos posted by their friends, but also helps them make a decision on what to order."

The company has teamed up with YouTube stars Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart, Mamrie Hart, and Ingrid Nilsen to help bring the app to the new heights. Together, these influencers have more than 20 million fans, reports Variety. In fact, new users that download the app will automatically follow them to get a head start on food recommendations.

"Working with Hannah, Grace, Mamrie and Ingrid to grow and shape Dysh has been an honor," King said. "Not only are they perfect examples of what it means to be Taste Buds — they trust each other's tastes and have fun sharing their culinary lives with one another — but they also bring a social and business savvy to building a platform for millennials."

App users are encouraged to post photos and ratings in order to help others decide what to order and to connect users to top-rated dishes in the vicinity and the best of one particular dish when a craving strikes.