New Burger King Campaign Raises Awareness for World Literacy Month

The campaign is designed to show customers “what it feels like to be illiterate”

According to the World Literacy Foundation, one in five people can’t read or write.

Earlier this month, Burger King conducted a social experiment in which drive-thru customers pulled up to see that the normal menu was replaced with one featuring garbled text. It was later revealed that the fast-food chain did the experiment as a way to raise awareness for World Literacy Month, which is September.

The company created a video with the footage from this social experiment as part of its newest campaign, and will be hosting a social campaign with Facebook and Instagram posts written in foreign languages that can be translated “to reveal the messaging in English about the power of literacy and education,” a release detailed.

According to the World Literacy Foundation, one in five people — that’s 20 percent of the global population — cannot read or write.

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World Literacy Month is particularly important for Burger Kind to promote because its own McLamore Foundation, established by the company’s co-founder James McLamore, is a public nonprofit that focuses on “scholarships, literacy, and creating sustainable learning environments.”