New App Lessens Burden of Eating Out for Dietary-Restricted Americans

The new mobile app, DineSafe, creates custom versions of restaurant menus based on your dietary restrictions

DineSafe has the potential to redefine eating out for people with dietary restrictions.

Nearly 60 percent of American adults report having dietary restrictions of one form or another. Those restrictions mean that any trip to a restaurant is accompanied by a thorough combing of the menu to decide what can and cannot be eaten. However, DineSafe is out to revolutionize that entire process, taking the risk and effort out of dining out at its partnering restaurants.[restricted]

Customers create a personal profile on the app, naming their dietary preferences and allergic restrictions. The app then delivers custom menus from restaurants in the area, limited to options that are safe based on the consumer’s profile. For their part, restaurants give their menus to DineSafe, which can track 33 allergens and eleven dietary restrictions.

The app is free for both consumers and restaurants, mostly because the founder has food restrictions of his own and is sympathetic to the plight. “We are forward-thinking and created [DineSafe] to get out ahead of food allergy regulations and the food preference trends because we know what it’s like to live with food allergies,” said Nick Caturano, DineSafe’s co-founder and head of operation.


DineSafe is teaming up with more and more restaurants every day. The plan is to make DineSafe a nationally used app before expanding into other countries and translating the app into different languages. It’s available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play. To learn more, visit DineSafe’s website.