Move Over Pizza Rat, New York’s Latest Pizza-Loving Animal Is This Raccoon

Meet Pizza Raccoon, the latest animal photographed eating a slice of pizza

New York City raccoons love pizza just as much as rats do!

You might remember Pizza Rat, the brave rat in a New York City subway station that dragged a whole slice of pizza down stairs by the grit of its teeth. The little rodent has gained a lot of fame and popularity since then. People crafted sexy Halloween costumes, tattoos, and even a street sign named after the pizza-loving rat.

Well, Pizza Rat might have some new competition. Enter, Pizza Raccoon.

Someone spotted a raccoon at the Conservancy Garden in Central Park devouring a slice of pizza it apparently plucked out of a trash bin. The raccoon is just hanging out in a tree, high above anyone or anything that could get in the way of its heavenly slice.


Of course, this would happen in New York City. It is the best city in the U.S. for pizza (see our list of 101 Best Pizzas for proof!). It also goes to show that New York City animals love pizza just as much as humans do.