Modern Day Johnny Appleseeds Create The Endless Orchard

Living public artwork project plans to install 200 trees in a food desert in Los Angeles
apple tree

Through endless orchard, anyone can plant, map, and share fruit.

Fallen Fruit founders David Burns and Austin Young have been planting trees with the help of volunteers since 2004 as a collaborative art project in which the public can quite literally enjoy the fruits of their labor. The pair launched a Kickstarter for their latest project, known as The Endless Orchard, which is an extension of their previous efforts.

With The Endless Orchard, anyone can plant, map, and share fruit from urban fruit trails created through the program. The program is described as, “[A] real living fruit orchard planted by the public, for the public. A massive living public artwork that anyone can eat from!” A website and app will be created in order for users to navigate the trails as well as add their contributions to the map.

For the first phase of the project, 200 trees will be planted in the area surrounding the Los Angeles State Historic Park (LASHP), which is a food desert. Additionally, 200 fruit trees will be purchased to from urban fruit trails in neighborhoods surrounding downtown Los Angeles. Dirt, stakes, rental equipment, Endless Orchard tree tags, fertilizer, and bare-root and boxed fruit trees will also be purchased. A public fruit tree adoption will be hosted at LASHP in February 2016. Phase two, slated for June 2016, involves the installation of a trailhead marker, a ‘Monument to Sharing,’ within the orange grove at LASHP and launch of The Endless Orchard mobile app.

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