Michigan Family Suspected of Dining and Dashing Twice

“How do these people do this with their children right there?”

When the family first dined and dashed, they ordered a $142 meal.

Police in Wyandotte, Michigan are looking for a family accused of dining and dashing twice at different restaurants.

Polly Kenzie, general manager at Magdaleno Italian Ristorante, told The News Herald that a couple with a little boy came in for dinner on September 29. She explained that the family looked like exactly like the couple that dined at Vettraino’s Bar and Cafe in Allen Park on April 3, which is about 6.8 miles away. The couple was with two small children and ordered a $142 meal.

“They looked identical to the ones at Vettraino’s, but this time just the little boy was with them,” Kenzie told The News Herald.

Kenzie noticed that the family parked in a nearby apartment complex parking lot, rather than the restaurant’s lot. When the family finished their meal, the man apparently told the waitress he had to answer a business call and would be right back. Then, the woman told the waitress a grandparent was going to pick up the child, and she left the restaurant.

The News Herald reports that police confiscated two wine glasses and an empty bottle of wine to identify their fingerprints. The man and woman look like they’re somewhere in their 30’s and the boy looks like he is around 9 years old.


“How do people do this with their children right there?” Kenzie wrote on the restaurant’s Facebook page. “How do they look in the mirror or sleep at night?”