Merry Early Christmas, Everyone, Cinnamon Bun Oreos Are Coming

Your favorite breakfast pastry just became your favorite Oreo flavor

A spokesperson for Oreo has confirmed that the flavor is indeed real.

Two of the world’s favorite not-healthy-at-all and now’s-not-the-time-to-worry-about-it snacks are about to join forces to become what might be the most covetable cookie of all time: the Cinnamon Bun Oreo.

The breakfast pastry-flavored Oreos have yet to hit store shelves — but photos of the mysterious product have surfaced online, and not surprisingly, sparked considerable interest.

According to the packaging shared by Fast Food Geek on Instagram, the cookies will contain “cinnamon bun flavored creme.”

As points out, the packaging is free of any indication of a limited-edition release, which suggests that the company may be planning to add Cinnamon Bun Oreos to the permanent roster of Oreo flavors, an ever-expanding list that was recently the subject of an Onion article about Pope Francis’ first visit to the United States: “Pope Francis Reverses Position On Capitalism After Seeing Wide Variety Of American Oreos.”


An Oreo spokesperson confirmed to The Daily Meal that the cookies are indeed real, and that, “As soon as we have more information and a confirmed a release date, we will be sure to let cookie lovers know.”