Meow Parlour Will Send You Monthly Gifts, Letters From Cats as Part of the New ‘Feline Fan Club’

Each month, Meow Parlour will send you ‘cat-related swag’ in the mail

This is the best use of snail mail we could ever think of. 

Meow Parlour, the first-ever cat café to open in New York City, has launched a fan club for crazy cat lovers everywhere called “Meow Parlour Presents Kazu and Company.”

Founders Christina Ha and Emilie Legrand — the club is named after Legrand’s rescue cat, Kazu — say that they were inspired by the popular mail-order fan clubs that once existed for ‘90s pop icons like Jonathan Taylor Thomas (or JTT, of course), Devon Sawa, and the Olsen Twins.

No matter where you live in the United States, if you’re a dedicated cat fanatic, you can sign up for monthly “cat-related swag” from Meow Parlour, including buttons, postcards, greeting cards, and letters “from” the cat of the month. The star of June is the very handsome Beetle.

A six-month subscription is available for $65 and a year-long subscription is $125. If you’re interested, you can sign up online or in person at Meow Parlour beginning Thursday, June 4.


A portion of your club dues will be donated to Meow Parlour's non-profit adoption partner, KittyKind.