The Meatball Shop Joins Caviar's Delivery Roster In New York City

At long last, The Meatball Shop has joined the lineup of independent restaurants serviced by Caviar, the premium delivery service available in New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, and other select markets around the country.

"Now you can enjoy our balls in the privacy of your own home," said Meatball Shop co-owner and executive chef Daniel Holzman, who seized the opportunity to use that joke.

Customers can place orders through Caviar's app or through the Caviar website. Customers can also place orders with The Meatball Shop a week in advance if necessary, and track their order via GPS if they really need to locate where those meatballs are.

Caviar's full delivery line-up in New York City includes restaurants like TaimMurray's Cheese ShopPig and KhaoMighty Quinn's, and Nom Wah dim sum parlor
Delivery for The Meatball Shop is available in Manhattan and Brooklyn.