Mealworms Found in Rice at Elementary School in Florida

Student found a dead mealworm in his rice, and live mealworms were found in uncooked rice

“It makes you wonder what else is in there,” one concerned mother tells WFTV.

An elementary school student at Killarney Elementary School in Winter Park, Florida, found an unwelcome surprise in his lunch: mealworms. The student found a dead worm in his food, and upon further investigation live mealworms were found in uncooked rice, according to UPI.

In response, principal of Killarney Elementary, Kelly Steinke, sent a letter home to parents regarding the incident. According to Steinke, the rice had been delivered to the school within the last 24 hours, giving reason to believe the worms were already in the food when it arrived.

Steinke says, “The vendor was contacted immediately, [and] as a precaution, the rice has been recalled at Killarney and every other school in the District to ensure that this matter has not been replicated.”  She continues, “The health and safety of our students is paramount and the reputation of our award winning food services division is highly guarded. OCPS will be investigating this matter until we have the necessary answers.”

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Though the mealworms are believed to be non-toxic, parents are not satisfied. Killarney Elementary parent Shauna Jackson tells WFTV, “It makes you wonder what else is in there.”