The McRib Is Back Once Again, But In Select McDonald's Around The Country

The McRib sandwich may have taken a vacation, but it will apparently be back in 55 percent of McDonald's stores around the country.

Similar to the pumpkin spice latte, McDonald's will only be carrying the McRib sandwich in 8,000 out of 14,350 stores across the country.

McDonald's will be offering the barbecue pork sandwich in specific areas such as northeast Pennsylvania and greater Pittsburgh.

The McRib has had a very on-and-off relationship with customers. McDonald's brings it back occasionally, so it's unclear how long this sandwich will be here to stay at select locations. The only country that offers the sandwich year-round is Germany. If you want to find out exactly where you can get your hands on the elusive sandwich, someone created a McRib locator to help you find it.

Someone actually showed how the McRib sandwiches are made, so at least you know how it is assembled and can feel slightly better about eating it.