McDonald’s Twitter Account: ‘You are Actually a Disgusting Excuse for a President’

McDonald’s deleted the rogue tweet and later confirmed that they were hacked
The fast-food chain didn’t go rogue, unfortunately.

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The fast-food chain didn’t go rogue, unfortunately.

McDonald’s surprised everyone this morning with a tweet that was decidedly political.

"You are actually a disgusting excuse of a President and we would love to have @BarackObama back," the pinned tweet said, before it was deleted. "also you have tiny hands."

Although this might look like it was the work of some disgruntled social media employee, McDonald’s confirmed that the account was hacked.










Even though the tweet was subsequently deleted and confirmed to be a mistake, McDonald’s is still receiving flack and some applause for the critical message about the president:

President Trump is a well-known proponent of McDonald’s, having once called McDonald’s “clean.”


“I like cleanliness. I think you’re better off going there than someplace you have no idea where the food is coming from. It’s a certain standard,” Trump said in February 2016. “The one thing about the big franchises: one bad hamburger, you can destroy McDonald’s.