McDonald’s Is Testing Sweet Potato Fries

The newest item on McDonald’s menus could very well be sweet potato fries, which are currently being tested in Texas

Sweet potato fries are just the latest food item to grace McMenus.

McDonald’s is trying to draw customers with another new menu creation, but this one is receiving a warm welcome (unlike artisan burgers): sweet potato fries.The Golden Arches are currently testing out sweet potato fries as a side menu item on menus in Amarillo, Texas. If all goes well, we could soon start seeing these new fried favorites in McDonald’s locations nationwide.

“Sweet potato fries are being tested in some Create Your Taste test restaurants in Amarillo, and we’re gathering valuable customer feedback on them,” a company spokesperson told Eater.

The sweet potato fries launch follows other big McDonald’s menu revamps recently, most notably all-day breakfast and the promise to use cage-free eggs.


Naturally, people are pretty excited about the prospect of getting their sweet potato nosh on at McD’s: