McDonald's Is Testing Out Breakfast Bowls And Kale

In addition to its relaunch of the Hamburglar (now a suburban father in addition to a petty thief, apparently), McDonald's is turning to the popularity of kale to assist in its hopeful turnaround, the company has announced.

Never mind that earlier this year, a McDonald's commercial specifically called out kale for its inability to compare with a Big Mac.

"You can't get juiciness like this from soy or quinoa," a voice taunts. "Nor will that ever be kale."

It didn't take long for McDonald's to change its tune on kale, the leafy green that's managed to carve out an important niche in the realm of halo foods. The company is testing out breakfast bowls with the option of kale in nine restaurants in Southern California on a trial basis. In Canada, meanwhile, the company is reportedly planning to introduce three kale salads.

It's hard to tell how well this will go over for McDonald's, but you can bet the marketing team at Taco Bell will have a field day with this one.