McDonald’s to Scale Back United States Restaurants

The Golden Arches are scaling back
McDonald’s Shrinks Stores

Photo Modified: Flickr/Mike Mozart/CC 4.0

McDonald's is closing stores throughout the United States for the first time since 1970.

For the first time in over 40 years, McDonald’s is reducing the number of restaurants in the United States, according to The Associated Press.

There is no exact number of how many restaurants will close, but a spokeswoman at McDonald’s told the AP that there will be more closures than openings in the United States, which hasn’t happened since 1970.

Back in April, McDonald’s announced that they would be closing 700 locations around the world due to poor sales. This new round of closures will involve both franchise- and company-owned locations.

Store closures are not necessarily a bad thing, and the company is strategizing new ways to grow. A few ideas are already in the works: McDonald’s is testing kale and breakfast bowls at some locations and rebranded the Hamburglar.


Mike Donahue, former chief operating officer at McDonald’s, told the AP that when McDonald’s closed restaurants in the past, they would reopen in better locations. The company plans to open 300 new locations around the world.