McDonald’s Poland Introduces Apple Pie Lattes

Apple Pie Latte, Redberry Mocha, and Carrot Cake have been introduced to the McCafe menu for winter
McDonald's Apple Pie

The Apple Pie Latte features espresso, steamed milk, and the flavors of apple and cinnamon.

Not to be outdone by the gingerbread-flavored lattes and peppermint mochas of the season, McDonald’s Poland introduces two new sweet drinks and one sweet treat to its McCafe menu for the winter. The new menu additions are an Apple Pie Latte, a Redberry Mocha, and Carrot Cake, according to Brand Eating.

Taking inspiration from McDonald’s classic Apple Pie, according to TrendHunter, the drink is a “new take” on the pie and aims to “[serve] the dessert in a drinkable format.” Redberry Mocha is also said to have been inspired by a popular dessert. 

The Apple Pie Latte features espresso, steamed milk, and flavors of apple and cinnamon. It is topped with white chocolate shavings, to give it an extra special touch. Redberry Mocha also features espresso and steamed milk, with chocolate mixed in and is topped with a blueberry-, raspberry-, and strawberry-flavored syrup and chocolate stars.

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