McDonald’s Now Offers Macaroni and Cheese

Forget the fries and have macaroni and cheese instead

Macaroni and cheese is being tested in at least one unnamed location in Cleveland.

After introducing (and sadly taking away shortly after) cheesy macaroni snacks at McDonald’s locations in Australia almost two years ago, McDonald’s is taking another stab at incorporating macaroni and cheese into its menu.

This time, McDonald’s is sticking to classic macaroni and cheese, and is currently testing the Happy Meal side in at least one restaurant in Cleveland, according to Brand Eating. Available for a limited time, the side is offered as a Happy Meal option in place of fries, and is also available à la carte for adults to enjoy, for $1.75.


Consumerist speculates that the macaroni and cheese will most likely be pre-prepared, good news for franchises who have not been lovin’ McDonald’s all-day breakfast. There are many unanswered questions regarding the new menu offering, such as whether bread crumbs will be involved, and which franchises in Cleveland actually offer macaroni and cheese and for how long.