McDonald's Is Now Offering Fresh Beef To Compete With Wendy's

McDonald's keeps rolling out so many changes that it's hard to keep up. From new health-conscious menu items like kale and smoothies to quirky regional items like fried cheese curds, the Golden Arches is clearly trying to get on our good side.

The newest experiment is fresh beef patties, which are being tested at 75 restaurants in the Tulsa, Oklahoma, area. If the test goes well, fresh beef could expanded to all McDonald's menus nationwide. Similar tests already received positive results in the Fort Worth, Texas, market.

If fresh beef sounds familiar, that's because "fresh, never frozen" has been a Wendy's tagline for years, setting it a cut above the rest of the fast-food crowd. Now McDonald's is emulating Wendy's fresh burgers success.

McDonald's has been quietly removing unwanted ingredients from its food since early 2015. It no longer serves meat and poultry products that were raised with antibiotics, and it removed artificial preservatives from its McNuggets. Fresh beef is just another step in a "clean food" rebrand.