McDonald’s Introduces US Consumers to the McFloat

The fast-food giant brought its McFloat, a popular pick in their international stores, to New York and Seattle
Where has this been all our lives?

Wikimedia Commons / Sallicio

Where has this been all our lives?

If you like soft-serve and soda, then celebratory fist-pumps are appropriate. McDonald’s will serve up a float of soft-serve ice cream and Dr. Pepper in select New York and Seattle locations. It is the first time that the McFloat has been sold in the United States.

This will come as welcome news to anyone who has had the good fortune of trying one of these overseas. There, a Coke McFloat seems to be the go-to, but the treat is offered in a variety of flavors. Here in the U.S., however, only the Dr. Pepper float will be offered, "as part of our journey to build a better McDonald's,” spokesperson Terri Hickey told Business Insider.

According to international McDonald’s reviewer (we hardly believe that’s an actual blog) James McGowan, it tastes just like any other ice cream float. If you like that sort of thing, you’ll want to order this (or the separated components) the next time you find yourself under the Golden Arches.


This is part of a larger McDonald’s effort to diversify its food line-up. It recently brought garlic fries to San Francisco, an unqualified success (naturally). In addition, McDonald’s started using fresh meat in its burgers in Dallas — a development that could bring the burger chain prominence among the ever-increasing number of health-conscious consumers. And while the McFloat is certainly not targeted to that audience, it’s still a refreshing summer treat.