McDonald’s Finally Announces Plans to Test All-Day Breakfast, Beginning in April


You did the right thing, McDonald’s. (Photo Modified: Flickr/Jen/CC 4.0)

At long last, McDonald’s has announced plans to test out what is likely the single most unified request of McDonald’s customers everywhere — all-day breakfast.

Last year, there were rumors that the burger giant would acquiesce, fueled on by the trademarking of McBrunch, but the idea sounded like a pipe dream until today, when McDonald’s HQ revealed plans to test out an all-day breakfast option in select locations in the San Diego area.

According to The Associated Press, McDonald’s indicated, in a rather underwhelming announcement, that the decision was “in response to customers who have said they'd like to eat breakfast foods outside the typical morning hours that they are served.”

Here’s a tip, McDonald’s: If you’re going to start doing something that people actually want you to do, consider being more excited about it.

Although that certainly won’t satisfy its full customer base, given how long this request has survived, it seems unlikely that this test could do anything besides succeed. With any luck, all-day breakfast could reach the rest of the country within the next several months.


According to the AP, the testing process will include a partial breakfast menu featuring McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches and the all-important hash browns.