The ‘McDonald’s Diet’ Brand Ambassador Will Stop Visiting Schools

An educational program run by a man claiming to have lost weight simply by eating McDonald’s is being halted after criticism

Critics claimed that the “educational program” was misleading and harmful to young minds.

Can you imagine if your kid attended a program at his school where the speaker was a man who lost weight just by eating McDonald’s?You probably wouldn’t be thrilled, and neither were hundreds of parents who protested McDonald’s brand ambassador, John Cisna, author of “My McDonald’s Diet,” and his presence in their kids’ schools. Cisna will now no longer be making educational appearances.

“As our brand ambassador, John is focused on internal and local community events, and he is not appearing at schools," McDonald's said in a statement, and declined to elaborate, according to Fox News.

McDonald’s hired Cisna in 2015 after his diet went viral: He allegedly lost 37 pounds in 90 days by just eating McDonald’s. Cisna’s spokespeople also confirmed that none of his materials are currently being used in schools.


 Although we doubt Cisna was eating McDoubles on the regular, his lecture and documentary left a bad taste in educators’ mouths, and he’ll just be appearing at other speaking engagements from now on.