McDonald’s Debuts Cherries ‘n Crème Pie Made With Michigan Cherries

Company has bought almost 20 million pounds of Michigan cherries in the last 10 years

The majority (about 75 percent) of tart cherries in the United States are grown in Michigan.

McDonald’s continues to highlight regional ingredients in its food with its newest dessert: a Cherries ‘n Crème pie made with locally-grown Michigan cherries.

About 75 percent of tart cherries in the United States are grown in Michigan. McDonald’s has purchased almost 20 million pounds of cherries – worth more than $164 million – for its pies in the last 10 years.

Through September, the cherry pies in McDonald’s Michigan locations will be made with 100 percent Michigan cherries, 9 & 10 News reported.

An event was held to celebrate the limited edition pies as part of Industry Day hosted by Gallagher Farms in Cedar, Michigan. It focused on “the need for locally grown products to be used in consumer food and how much of an impact Michigan's farmers have on shaping the economy,” according to Up North Live.

“There are many, many items on the menu that actually come from Michigan,” said Jamie Clover Adams, Michigan director of agriculture and rural development. “From the eggs to the cherries and the apples many of the butter and the dairy products that are on the menu come from locally here in Michigan. It's a way for food businesses to support farmers. We're one big supply chain and that chain is stronger when we all support one another.”


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