McDonald’s Adds Chocolate to the Iconic Shamrock Shake

McDonald’s is adding a chocolate Shamrock shake, Shamrock hot chocolate, and more this March

The Shamrock Shake is legendary among fast-food fans. Could this be an upgrade?

When Valentine’s Day is long gone and the weather starts to warm up, that can only mean one thing. (No, not the arrival of spring.) March signals the arrival of Shamrock season at McDonald’s.

This year, after more than four decades of the same minty-green recipe, the seasonal St. Patrick’s day-themed shake at McDonald’s is getting a chocolate upgrade with some tasty new drinks. Don’t worry though; you can still get the original shake.

McCafé Shamrock Chocolate Shake: The original Shamrock Shake mixed with chocolate syrup and topped off with minty sprinkles, whipped topping, and a cherry.

McCafé Chocolate Chip Frappé: The frappé is a blend of chocolate chips with a hint of coffee. It gets a Shamrock twist with mint sprinkles on top.

McCafé Shamrock Hot Mocha: The classic hot mocha gets the addition of mint syrup.


McCafé Shamrock Hot Chocolate: The classic hot chocolate is blended with mint syrup.