MasterCard Launches Bot Service So You Can Buy Food Through Facebook Messenger

Now you can buy groceries and order food without having to leave the messaging app

MasterCard aims to elevate the shopping experience for consumers through the use of artificial intelligence.

It’s safe to say that artificial intelligence is slowly but surely starting to take over the food world with two major companies, Yelp and Domino’s, having already jumped on the robot bandwagon. Now, you can chat with a robot on Facebook Messenger to order and securely checkout when purchasing food and other products.

On Tuesday, MasterCard announced the platform at the Facebook Developer Conference in San Jose, California, according to the press release. The Masterpass-enabled bots allow users to interact with restaurants and retailers without leaving the Facebook Messenger app. The company currently has partnerships with FreshDirect, Subway, and the Cheesecake Factory.

According to Jason Ackerman, CEO and co-founder of FreshDirect, the platform provides a new “conversational shopping experience” for consumers.

“As a food tech company, it’s our mission to keep fresh at everyone’s fingertips,” Ackerman said. “By harnessing the power of Messenger, we’re able to engage with our customers on a platform that fits their lifestyle and allow them to easily shop FreshDirect as well as collaborate on carts with family and friends.”


The company says that bots are only the first step in a technological transition in the way consumers interact with businesses and brands. Through the new platform, MasterCard aims to provide a simple and convenient way for its cardholders to shop and engage with companies.