Masa, Most Expensive Restaurant in New York, Is Latest Big Name to Ditch Tipping

Chef Masa Takayama has announced plans to get rid of tipping and instead hike the menu price up to $595 per person

You could buy a laptop or several iPads with the money spent on a meal at Masa now.

Masa is the latest restaurant in a long list of big names in the culinary industry to give up on tipping. The eatery — located in New York’s Columbus Circle and regarded as one of the most expensive restaurants in the world — will be raising menu prices to $595 per person.Therefore, a dinner for two with tax would cost approximately $1,300, or the cost of a high-end laptop. The tasting menu price was originally $450 per person before this change.

Chef Masa Takayama, who owns the three Michelin-starred restaurant, has made the decision in efforts to allow “more consistent and reliable paychecks” for the staff. “Both cash and credit card gratuities will be respectfully declined,” a representative for Masa told Eater in a statement.


This story is starting to sound familiar. Other reputable, high-end New York eateries have taken on similar policies to get rid of tipping, including Tom Colicchio’s Craft, Meadowsweet in Brooklyn, all of Danny Meyer’s restaurants, Eleven Madison Park, and Dirt Candy. Many of these gastronomic heavyweights are attempting to offset the cost in anticipation of a possible $15 minimum wage hike, which could go into effect in New York City by 2018.