Marketing Professional Delivers Doughnuts With His Résumé

Lukas Yla, a California marketing and advertising professional on a job hunt, has come up with an ingenious way to stand out from a sea of other applicants.

Yla has been dressing up as a Postmates courier to quite literally get his foot in the door at some of the top ad agencies and tech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, AdWeek reported. He delivers a box of doughnuts from local favorite Mr. Holmes Bakehouse with a note inside addressed to the CEO, CMO, or marketing VP.

It reads, "Most résumés end up in the trash. Mine—in your belly." Yla then briefly details his experience and interest in working with the company, and leaves the recipient with a link to his résumé.

Gimmick or not, Yla's unique approach has yielded positive results thus far. "Overall I have delivered a little bit more than 40 packages," he said, "and been in 10 interviews...[M]ost of them are still in progress."