Man Tries to Break Into Restaurant, Gets Stuck in Pizza Oven Vent Pipe

The Michigan man tried to climb down the vent pipe connected to the pizza oven, but got stuck halfway down

Photo Modified: Flickr/Nick Amoscato/CC 4.0

Not everyone can be like Santa Claus!

A burglar in Michigan was stuck in a vent pipe for a pizza oven after he tried to rob the store.

The 32-year-old man tried to break into an unnamed pizza shop in Clarkston, Michigan, on October 18, but got stuck in the pipe and screamed for help.

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Department received a call that someone was yelling for help, and deputies found the man trapped in the vent pipe. He removed the vent cap on the roof and climbed down into the exhaust air duct. He was stuck halfway between the roof and floor for almost 11 hours, officials told CBS Detroit.


Firefighters rescued the man from the pipe, but he was uncooperative with deputies once he got out and was arrested. The man was also taken to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries and dehydration. Formal charges are still pending for the failed robbery.